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Update On Amendments To The Personal Property Security Act, Author, Shane B. Pearlman, Borden Ladner Gervais

The Government of Ontario has proposed three significant amendments to the Personal Property Security Act (Ontario) (the “PPSA”) in recent years which have not yet been brought into force. The changes are: (1) to perfection of security interests in cash collateral; (2) to the conflict of laws provisions relating to the location of a business […]

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Did you know!!!!

A consumer Debtor, who has repaid all the obligations secured, could be detrimentally affected by the absence of a discharge because the registration may block  the debtor’s access to further credit from other creditors. Where a Financing statement  or notice of security interest is registered under this act, and, (a)    All the obligations under a […]

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Unexpected PPSA Complication Revealed by Alberta Court Decision

ESC Blog Post August 7, 2012   We have just found out and wanted to notify our readers and customers about some pitfalls of the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) when it comes to lenders registering security against equipment located outside Ontario, as has been demonstrated by a recent court decision held in Alberta. When […]

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Secured Creditors Benefit where Unsecured Creditors Lose

We live in the century of borrowing and debt, and thus terms like debtor and creditor have become prevalent in our day-to-day lexicon. But where is debt, there is risks associated with it, and both personal and institutional risks exist. While personal risks involve inability of an individual debtor to pay off his/her debts according […]

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PPSA Registrations done Canada-wide with ESC

PPSA Registration ESC Corporate Services offers a national Personal Property and Security Act (PPSA) Search and PPSA Registration service. We conduct certified and uncertified searches under the Personal Property Security Act within each province and territory in Canada and Uniform Commercial Code Search and Registration services in most U.S. states. Within Ontario, ESC conducts certified […]

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The Mind-Boggling PPSA – How to Interpret Ontario PPSA Searches

Anyone who has ever done an Ontario PPSA search knows how hard it is to read it. Its convoluted design which consists of tons of pages with line numbers and registration information, all of which is presented in plain text form and not-so-readable courier new font, starts hurting your eyes in about 10 minutes of […]

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