ESC Corporate Services is an independent Canadian company‚ formerly known as Dye & Durham‚ dedicated to delivery of online corporate public record due diligence, filing and supplies across North America. With a ro­­ster of more than 3‚000 clients which include many of Canada´s major law firms‚ accountancy practices, insurance companies and financial institutions‚ ESC’s continuously evolving mission in performing public records due diligence and filing focuses on helping our clients optimize access to public records repositories across North America through customized mix of innovative and highly optimized information solutions.

For Law firms and Professional Corporations

With a team of 30+ legal corporate services clerks, ESC leverages all of the employees, experience and tradition of its predecessor company Dye & Durham in performing a complete set of corporate services + corporate supplies in support of the due diligence and corporate registration requirements of a diverse array of law firms from large national firms to small sole practitioners. ESC understands the trust imparted to us by our clients and approaches all our customers regardless of size, with the same level of focused determination and entrepreneurial vigour in exceeding their expectations time and again with the highest quality products and services.

ESC’s compliment of online services and dedicated professionals makes us the obvious service provider for professional firms seeking a complete array of online corporate services supported by an innovative team of professionals directly accountable to our clients.

For Financial and Insurance Institutions.

ESC provides a number of large Canadian regulated institutions with customized, proven and unique automated solutions to validate the status of business entities‚ source primary or secondary proof of existence or perform a variety of other compliance activities associated with client on-boarding or credit risk management required within AML/KYC regulations and internal risk management guidelines.

Regardless of jurisdiction, nature of the business entity or level of automation of public records in a given jurisdiction, ESC provides customized and complete automated solutions with best in class service levels designed to make documentary evidence and client due diligence a competitive advantage for those institutions that work with us.


Tailored Solutions. Complete Results.

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