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Confusing Business Name causes Havoc

Name wars are not very common in the corporate world, but when they happen, they cause confusion and can damage the reputation of well-established businesses. In a recent publication “Tattoo artists quarrel over Toronto Ink name”, the Toronto Star featured a story about miss-use of a corporate name where a newly created company used a […]

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Unexpected PPSA Complication Revealed by Alberta Court Decision

ESC Blog Post August 7, 2012   We have just found out and wanted to notify our readers and customers about some pitfalls of the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) when it comes to lenders registering security against equipment located outside Ontario, as has been demonstrated by a recent court decision held in Alberta. When […]

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Client Onboarding Process Challenges

Client onboarding is a process that opens the doors to your organization. When a potential client sets a foot in your door, he/she is likely still in a shopping mode trying to select the best organization to deal with. The onus is, therefore, on your organization to get this client rooted into your services through […]

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