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See Through the Looking Glass of a Company’s Corporate Records

By Natalia Ros With the multitude of corporate scandals in the recent years, more and more business’ join the ranks of the untrusted. News headlines seem to be everywhere and must have caused the companies’ owners to gasp in horror at the truth of the fact that something unethical had become uncovered. Unfortunately, bad reputation […]

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What is a Corporate Microfiche

What is a Microfiche? No, it’s not a small fish. Neither is it a big fish. It’s not a fish at all! The Ontario Corporate Microfiche is a microfilm that contains copies of the official public record pertaining to a corporation. It provides the client with copies of the following corporate documents: All Articles. All […]

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Drowning in Corporate Records

SO, YOU HAVE INCORPORATED…. NOW WHAT? Earlier in our post “Benefits of Incorporating your Business” we briefly discussed why incorporation is a wiser choice. Now that your company is incorporated and you have received your Certificate of Incorporation, there is far more that needs to be done before your business is operational and generates profit. […]

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