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Can Your Bankruptcy Discharge be Objected?

By Natalia Ros Banks won’t issue you credit cards, lending companies will not approve your mortgage, a car dealership won’t sell you a car, and you will not be able to get a finance plan for that lovely patio set that you have always wanted but just cannot afford – all because you have filed […]


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How to Determine Corporate Insolvency

Solvency of a corporation is a major factor determining its ability to successfully carry on business with positive cash flow, to pay its business debts, and to be able to purchase new business assets. When a company is not able to do any of the above, it’s insolvent. Insolvency comes in several forms and shapes: […]

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What Bankruptcy Options are available in Canada

In Canada, the bankruptcy law provides debtors with several opportunities to repay their debts as a result of which they may have all obligations deleted after the discharge. The following are the paths that debtors in Canada can pursue in order to eliminate their debt and silence the creditors. Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a legal process […]

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