Become a President of an Empire


Businessman_silhouetteNo, no, not that kind of a president, of course! The United States has got its president already, as well as a few others who would want to be in his shoes! So, breathe! We will not teach you how to become a President of the U.S.A.

Instead, imagine being a President of your own Empire… You created it, you built it, you nourished it, and now you are admiring the fruits of your hard work and the important place it occupies in the lives of its members who work hard to make it tick tock like a clock and serve the needs of other group of stakeholders – your customers…

But wait a minute, before you can sit back in your chair and watch the magic of the orchestration, you need to do some work. Yes, it takes work to build your Empire, to raise it from the ground up and to nourish it in order to set the ticking mechanism that will ensure its self sustainability.

Idea. You need an idea. And for the purposes of this article, we assume that your mind is already occupied by the greatest idea that you could possibly master and that your brain has been rolling the wheal in contemplation of from what side to approach the whole thing.

Right. I guess here is where we come out onto the stage and proclaim into the acoustic space of the theater in which you are the main actor:

“Mr. Businessman, the time has come for you to take your idea and develop it into a Business Plan which will be your guiding light in the dark tunnels of business!”

We make the face that can only be displayed by the Chorus of the theater who knows everything, and gracefully through our Business Plan template into your hands.

You catch it, and spend several weeks working on it, contemplating the business strategy, the financial roadmap, the profit calculations and justification for your bank to give you business loan so that you would have funds to start it with. Eventually you jump off your chair with “Eureka” flying across the stage thinking that now that you have the Business Plan completed, you are free to go and establish your Empire. You put your tie on and head to the bank.

“But wait!” – we say. “The bank will not give YOU money for your business! You cannot go to the bank yourself! You being a simple and humble John Doe is not going to convince the bank to give you money to start your business!”

You hesitate before leaving the stage, turn around and say.

“Then what do I do? I cannot put on a costume of my business and walk into the bank as my business!”

Here we, being the Chorus of the theater, smile playfully and say:

“Yes you can. And you will! But instead of wearing a costume of your business, you will go as a representative of your business. You will be the President of your business, and this is the only way for you to have the bank consider lending a business loan to you.”

We waive our magic wand in the air, and right in front of your eyes and the eyes of the audience, appears a pile of documents called “Articles of Incorporation” and hangs in the air.

You seem intimidated at first, but then you start to understand, and before you know, your name is scribbled on it in calligraphy certifying that you are the owner of your new company. You, start to breath faster, excitedly run towards the documents, slip them into your briefcase and run off the scene and into the bank.

You know that as a President of your corporation, you are now well on your way to building your Empire, servicing people who need your services, and servicing the World by being a responsible corporate citizen.

If you need help with incorporating your new company, call us, and we will get your company registered in no time.

ESC Corporate Services Ltd.

Toll free number: 1.800.668.8208
Office telephone number: 416.595.7177
Fax: 416.595.1268



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