What’s for Dinner on ESC’s Menu?


Welcome to ESC! Welcome!

We stepped in, and the aroma of masterfully crafted dishes wafting in the air stroke our senses with its remarkable character that was so familiar, our hearts squeezed.  The warm atmosphere of the place embraced us with its loving arms and we immediately felt like home – the feeling that keeps us coming back… and here we are again.

ESC Dinner MenuAnd who else but the chef himself greeted us at the door and now, so excitedly trying to show his appreciation for our visit, was walking us to our dinner table. Located in a cozy corner, it always offered us its comfort of the red couch that we have come to favour. And the centerpiece of our experience – a simple round table with a small elegant bouquet in its center – the table which has become our to-be spot when we need to be taken away from our dusty offices and into the space where everything is so familiar.

May I take your order please?

Ah, Ms. N. – the always so unbelievably attentive to our needs Ms. N! The always so careful at taking our orders! Ms N., if not for the people like you, what would our experience at ESC be?

Yes, I will have an Ontario Corporate Search under black olive tapenade please. Also, please bring me Status Certificate , medium-rare with PPSA Search salad on the side. You, darling?” – I turned to my wife – she was still digging in the menu trying to make up her mind.

Oh, and I will have a fillet of Data Extract in Lemon Sauce Reduced to Perfection. The chef at another restaurant messed up last time we ordered a Notice of Change last week. And then after that, I will want a fresh Notice of Change, medium with black pepper sauce and mashed potatoes, but please wait for 15 minutes before bringing it – I do not want it cold.

Ms. N. left, and we were left to our own thoughts. I knew that our order would arrive in no time – ESC is known for that! And I knew that we can be sure that our food will be marvelous, as always. I also knew that anything that we had messed up last week with my wife’s company would be resolved and fixed and anything you want to call it, and that we would walk away from ESC fully satisfied.

My eyes wondered around the space: its warm-colored brick walls with soft lamp light crawling upon them; waitresses running around with other customers’ orders making sure that every single customer gets best service possible and is taken care of; the chef himself – such a busy man running this business and ensuring that smooth service is delivered and all issues are addressed timely!

2 minutes pass, and sure enough our dishes are put onto our table – always beautiful, always fresh, always timely and tasteful!

I close my eyes and feel how my face widens in that smile I never shy away from every time I feel deeply satisfied. I turn to my wife and say:

There is no other place that makes me feel as good as ESC.

She turns to me, smiles and nods in agreement.



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