Expedited Patent Applications for Green Technologies


LeafWith the huge growth in demand for Green technologies in the recent years, going “Green” has not only become the right thing to do, but also the expected.

Companies have gone on their hunt looking for ways to go “Green”; innovators strut their innovative abilities to come up with new Green technologies. All-in-all, if you have a Green technology idea this seems the right time to act upon it because it will not go unnoticed.

But there is a catch: with the Green technologies, you want to be first to the market. This means that the whole process of managing your project must be well integrated and streamlined in order to design, implement and test your new technology in the most effective and efficient ways. Sometimes, however, external dependencies will cause undue delays which will negatively affect the delivery timeline of your great product and its release to the market. Such external dependencies may be associated with obtaining licenses, permits and patents, of course.

Patenting new technologies usually takes time and is at the mercy of The Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s schedule and procedures, and the application process is usually longer than you would want it to be.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Back in March, 2011, The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) published in the Canada Gazette, Part II its decision to expedite the process of examination of patent applications submitted for Green technologies. What was the force behind this decision?

The reasons span from risk mitigation strategies associated with the environmental impact of technologies and the global warming to economic strategies in order to grow investment and help economy through helping businesses grow. In brief, they are:

  • Priorities related to Science and Technology.
  • Need to support the growth and development of small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Support of developing a clean energy economy.
  • Initiative to take action to reduce global warming and mitigate other aspects of environmental impact of technologies.
  • Wish to increase foreign investment in the country.
  • Canada

If you have a Green technology to patent, here are some things that you should know about your patent application process:

  1. Your application must have a declaration attached that states that your application relates to a technology which will help to mitigate or resolve the environmental impacts or will conserve the natural resources and environment.
  2. No additional fee will be required to advance your application.
  3. The Commissioner of Patents has been instructed to expedite your application if it is for a Green technology.

Find all government forms associated with patent application here. Call ESC to have your form filed in non time.

ESC Corporate Services Ltd.

Toll free number: 1.800.668.8208
Office telephone number: 416.595.7177
Fax: 416.595.1268
Email: searchandreg@eservicecorp.ca


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