What Does Being a Valued Customer Mean to You?

Customer Care is our Primary Focus no logo

At ESC we pride ourselves in the level of service quality we deliver. Day in and day out our teams work on ensuring that when our clients come or phone in, they are treated with respect and dignity and that their needs are fulfilled in the most efficient manner.

Our people are well trained and are always happy to pass on their expertise down to our clients. From using our services online to providing “question-and-answer” gatherings to gaining feedback and sharing in our subject matter knowledge with those that mean the most to our business (Our Clients) – we at ESC excel at it!

We service our clients in various forms that range from phone calls, fax or email ordering to online eService usage to customized web interfaces or systematic web service XML implementations of service.

We focus on gaining an understanding of our clients’ needs first and foremost to provide our services in the most suitable way possible and to tailor our services to get results.

Being an ESC client means:

  • Having your needs, and therefore the needs of your own cliennts, understood.
  • Having services delivered to you in the best possible way, wit respect and dignity.
  • Being able to reassure your own clients on the delivery timelines that ESC adheres to.
  • Being able to pass down to your own clients the quality of service delivered by ESC.
  • Being sure that you will be taken care of.

Looking for more information? Contact Sales for more information by email or review some of our detailed service information throughout our website.

Looking for training? ESC provides web based and in person demonstrations for eService and “question-and-answer” sessions to get you started on using our services. To schedule your eService demonstration now, email us now.

Be part of ESC. Be a valued client.

ESC Corporate Services Ltd.

Service. Experienced.


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