Credit Due Diligence? Easy!


USCurrency_Federal_ReserveIf you are in lending business, you know how important it is to fund your clients efficiently. You also know how critical it is to assess the risk levels associated with a particular file and the nature of pricing driven by given risk factors.

As a Credit Die Diligence Service provider, we know that too. We also understand how important it is for you, as a lender, to perform due diligence and to establish timely security registration priority in order to secure your priority as a lender when it comes to asset distribution.

For decades we have worked with lenders like you, understanding your credit lifecycle and providing Credit Due Diligence Solutions through our collateral/security searches and registrations practice. At the root of this is our PPSA Search and Registrations system which allows for fast and reliable transactions which you as a lender can incorporate into your due diligence processes in terms of pre- and post-searches required for decision making in landing business, as well as PPSA registration to secure your priority sequence as a secured creditor.

We will work with you to understand your existing credit due diligence and registration workflow and customize the solution to work within these legacy environments by using a number of automated tools at our disposal including:

  1. Enhanced business entity identification and verification through a unified national method for validating the existence of the corporate or business name in any official government register registrar in Canada, the United States or Internationally.
  2. Automated retrieval of official government corporate profile to determine the status of the entity as a valid corporation or business name including the determination of its standing as “Active”, “Inactive” or “Dissolved”.
  3. Facility for retrieval of original Corporate Charter or compilation of subsequent amendments of Articles of Incorporation from official public source to supply the complete corporate record.
  4. Automated order fulfillment of multiple forms of security or due diligence searches across Canada simultaneously in a singular summarized and standardized format.
  5. Data extraction from public records for the purposes of renewing or amending existing registrations or enhancing the level of automation associated with initial registrations in some instances in line with lender requirements.
  6. Customized reporting and/or notifications of expiry or priority for Registrations.

We provide credit grantors with the best of both worlds. Tailored data centric solutions alongside exception free processes supported by highly experienced law clerks familiar with all provincial regulations.

Call us at (416) 595-7177 to discuss how we can work with you in improving your Credit Due Diligence Processes and ensuring your secured lender status.


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