Business Plan Template for Business Start-Ups

A Business Plan is a formal statement of your business idea, business goals, projected business profits, and ways to achieve your business goals and objectives.

A Business Plan is the document you take to your lender to discuss your business financing arrangements. You take to your potential business partners with whom you want to do business. You take it to your potential sponsors whom you would like to sponsor your business in part or in full.

A Business Plan is a very important document. It is normally the first formal document your business will have. It is the document that will ensure your business has a solid base, is regarded with respect and has more chances to succeed over a business without a Business Plan.

Download our FREE Business Plan Template.

ESC’s Business Plan template is a solid-structured document that covers all topics that a good Business Plan should have. With links to internet pages for relevant reads, it’s a great source for any business start-up on how to create a strong Business Plan.

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