Confusing Business Name causes Havoc

Name wars are not very common in the corporate world, but when they happen, they cause confusion and can damage the reputation of well-established businesses.

In a recent publication “Tattoo artists quarrel over Toronto Ink name”, the Toronto Star featured a story about miss-use of a corporate name where a newly created company used a confusingly similar name for its shop that caused havoc in the clientele and threatened to damage the reputation and bottom line of the original name owner.

When registering a new company or business, it is important to conduct a pre-check of a newly proposed name to ensure that the name is not confusingly similar to any of the already existing names. This step will not only protect the current owners of registered corporate or business names from damaging effect of name confusions, but also will avoid any possible complications for both sides associated with potential lawsuits and/or patent/name infringement allegations.

Name pre-check is a free service and can be ordered online or via email or phone.

Contact us for more details on name pre-checks.

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