Changes to BC Reporting Requirements for Corporations Owning a Firm

A notice to our readers. Effective February 18th, 2012 BC will be making changes to how Corporations report their information if they are a Sole Proprietor or General Partner of a Firm.

A corporation is allowed to be a sole proprietor or a partner of a firm, in which case, when such corporation makes changes through “Corporate Online” services, it is required to submit a paper filing to BC Registries to apply the changes to its firm ownership information. The changes this applies to may include any or all of the following:

  • Change of corporate name
  • Change of incorporation or registration number
  • Change of address (future release)
  • Others.

The following are brief descripton of the processes associated with updating a firm’s information following a change filing of a corporate owner of such firm:

When a public user makes changes to the corporation’s name or incorporation/registration number, “Corporate Online” will automatically update this information to the firms they own (this includes situations such as a Dissolution, change of sole proprietor or change of a partnership).

When a staff user makes this changes on behalf of a corporation, “Corporate Online” will not update the firm information owned by this corporation. “Corporate Online” will send a notification letter to the corporate client whose ifnormation has changed to remind it to submit a paper filing for the firms they own.

Please contact ESC Corporate Services for more details.

Toll free number: 1.800.668.8208
Office telephone number : 416.595.7177
Fax: 416.595.1268


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