ESC Corporate Services – Holiday Season Notice & Helpful Tips

T’is the Season! As we roll into the Season’s Holidays and get into the spirit for celebrations of this wonderful season, we at ESC wish to extend our Season’s Greetings to you!

As it stands, some services will be affected, and thus, in order to ensure that your requests are processed efficiently during this busy season, we offer these helpful tips for you to remember:

  • All Ontario Articles of Incorporation are to be post-dated. We allow for post-dating of up to 30 days in advance. This may save some filing headaches during this Holiday Season.
  • For Articles of Amalgamation, Page 2, Schedule “A” and Schedule “B” need to have current date indicated.
  • Your Articles Covering Letter needs to clearly identify the “Effective Date” to ensure that it is not missed.
  • Always back up all your Articles in paper format when filing in Ontario electronically. This will ensure that whenever there is a delay that is out of our control, we can always file them for you manually.
    • Ensure that grid-lines where name of corporation is provided are not faded and that all characters are entered fully and within grid-lines.
    • Ensure that you supply a proper fee amount ($330 for Amalgamations; $360 for Incorporations; $150 for Amendments; $25 for Dissolution; $330 for Revival).
    • Make your cheques payable to the Minister of Finance. Cheques must have a pre-printed name and address (i.e. temporary cheques are not acceptable).
    • Ensure you do not use liquid paper as it will not be unaccepted for filing.
    • If adding pages, please label them correctly – i.e. do not change Ministry page numbers.
    • Always ensure that you are using the most current forms to avoid any unwanted delays.
    • PROVIDE SPECIAL NOTICES AND FEES with an initial return for FORM 15 – Articles of Revival
    • REQUEST A 9:00 AM DELIVERY to ensure a speedy filing for documents you send to us.
    • NOTE OUR ADDRESS – 445 king Street West 4th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1K4.

During the Holiday Season, we will be closed on:

                December 26, 2011
                December 27, 2011 
January 2, 2012

Regular business hours will resume on January 3, 2012.

If you have any questions regarding the above-referenced points or general questions relating to

your planning around this year end, please feel free to contact Judy Chavez at 1.800.668.8208/416.595.7177 ext. 3542 or Paulet Suban at ext. 3532.

From all of us at ESC – have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Thank you for choosing ESC.


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