Medical Professionals – Incorporation Issuance and Renewal Information

Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, any medical professional who is a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) who wishes to register a professional corporation in Ontario is allowed to do so by the CPSO. A professional corporation in Ontario can be registered with the Ministry of Government Services pursuant to Ontario Business Corporations Act either in person or online through one of its licensed service providers. The only way to register a professional medical corporation in Ontario is by way of submitting Articles of Incorporation to the Ministry of Government Services; These Articles of Incorporation will later constitute the professional medical corporation’s Charter and will be its first official document as a registered corporation.

Before submitting Articles of Incorporation to the Ministry of Government Services, it has to be ensured that the Articles and the proposed corporation name meet the requirements for issuance of a Certificate of Authorization by the CPSO. These requirements are available here.

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Once a new professional medical corporation is registered, it has to apply for Certificate of Authorization to the CPSO. Applications must be fully and correctly completed when submitted to the College. A CPSO Application can be found here. Care should be taken to ensure that it is accurately filled out or it will not be processed and will be returned back to you.

It takes several weeks to process a completed Application. The Certificate of Authorization, however, shall bear

Once every year, the Certificates of Authorization must be renewed. You will receive a reminder from the CPSO about six weeks before the renewal deadline. It is the sole responsibility of the owner of the professional medical corporation to initiate the renewal application.

Medical professionals should be careful about missing their renewal deadlines for in such instances the CPSO will issue a notice proposing the revocation of the medical corporation’s Certificate of Authorization, in 6 days from which, if the action is not taken by the medical corporation, the full revocation of the Certificate will take place. This should be highly avoided because once revocation takes place, the medical corporation ceases to be a professional corporation, and thus loses its right to practice in its professional field.

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