What is a NUANS anyway? And Why Would I Need It?

NUANS is an acronym for “Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search”. While the name is pretty self-explanatory, many of us have hard time wrapping our minds around what it actually is and how it is useful.

NUANS is a computerized tool for searching proposed corporate names. It compares a proposed corporate name or trade-mark with other names and trade-marks that are either being used by existing corporations or have been reserved for use by new corporations. The NUANS comparison determines how the proposed name is similar to existing names and trade-marks and produces a list of names and trade-marks that are found to be most similar to the proposed name.

NUANS system is owned by Industry Canada, and NUANS is a registered trade-mark of the government of Canada. The NUANS system provides a very convenient way to search proposed corporate and trade-mark names and produces high quality reports in real-time with consistent results that are highly reliable. NUANS covers all provinces in Canada except for the Province of Quebec.

The computer program that drives NUANS has been equipped with enough “intelligence” to make it able to “consider” all possible confusions between the proposed and existing names. This is achieved by elaborate programming similar to a search engine together with databases of descriptive words, their meanings, synonyms and other features. The system is so well designed that it is able to search and analyze words with alternative spellings and typographical errors.

All new or existing corporations wishing to register under a descriptive corporate name are required to obtain their NUANS Name Report which will reserve their proposed name for the period of 90 days. A unique NUANS report number shall be issued which will be referenced when draft Articles of Incorporation or draft Articles of Amendment are being prepared. Once such Articles have been registered, the proposed name will become a registered name and will be reflected on NUANS searches conducted by any other corporation wishing to register a substantially similar corporate name.

NUANS search and NUANS Name Report can be ordered through ESC Corporate Services or by emailing us at searchandreg@eservicecorp.ca.


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