Back-To-Work is now a Law. Mail Should be Coming Home Soon.

After what seems to be a very long and impactful CUPW strike and the unwelcome lockout, the Senate sat on Sunday, June 26, 2011 to read and study the proposed back-to-work bill. A result of that rare Senate sitting is the royal assent that was granted to the proposed back-to-work bill Sunday night, which make it a fully enacted new law. Early Monday morning, the hundreds of locked-out postal workers who “camped” outside of their offices day and night started cleaning the areas of their lawn chairs and blankets, getting ready to work, which most of them seemed to be happy about.

The back-to-work legislation had been in the plans for a long time before it actually got enacted last night. The impact of this new law will be positive not only for the public, but also, and most importantly, for the businesses and the economy as it will prevent prolonged interruptions of service and loss of revenue associated with them.

It is still unknown when the mail is going to be coming home though. Because of the enormous backlog in the post offices, it may take weeks for the Canada Post to sort out and straighten its mail delivery system.

ESC Corporate Services will keep you updated with regards to how its services are and/or will be affected by any new developments in the CUPW’s industrial relations conflict. To date, please keep in mind that our previous notice regarding service interruptions is still intact as some of what we do is dependent on the efficiency of Canada Post’s operations.

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