ESC offers Enhanced Search Report

ESC now offers an Enhanced Sarch Report (ESR) which automatically summarizes the results of your searches in a professional and easy-to-read format suitable for submission directly to your clients, saving you time, effort and cost.

The ESR simplifies your work, increases your productivity and presents your search results in a clear and concise format.

Along with the individual search results, by selecting the ESR option, you will receive the executive summary you wish you had time to prepare, in the format you always wished you could provide.

The ESR can be used in combination with the following searches in Ontario:

• Corporate Profile
• Certificate of Status
• PPSA uncertified
• Official Receiver/Bankruptcy
• Bank Act
• Writs of Execution
• Bulk Sales
• Litigation

Some of the ways you can benefit by ordering the ESR:

  • Eliminates time consuming effort and the potential for transposition errors when copying the search results from a variety of formats into one report suitable to present to lawyers, colleagues and clients
  • Provides “at a glance” overview of the search results • Helps you spot essential search results information quickly.

Order your Enhanced Search Report today!



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