How to Start a Business with the Most Profit Potential in 2011

In commentary to article by Rosemary Peavler about Best Business Opportunities and Ideas for 2011.

Each year has its own trends which affect not only what we eat or wear, but also what we do. When it comes to business, it is vital to follow the trends because where the trends are is where the profit is.

But profits don’t just lie in piles around the corner. To make a profit means to not only recognize, but also to cease the opportunity. Ceasing the opportunity requires action which will result in stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and into the unknown. The good news is that the degree of the “unknown” can be varied. One of the ways to minimize the risk is to step into the realm of trends. in its article “Businesses with the Most Profit Potential to Start in 2011 identified the following business opportunities that are destined to be more profitable than others if started in or around 2011. Here are some of these ideas:

Consignment Shop – these seem to be appearing everywhere, including online. The idea is that those who want to sell their stuff (either due to downsizing, or to moving, or to just de-cluttering their attic) consign their goods to your shop. Why they retain the title to the goods, you try to sell them, and the profit is then split.

Elder / Seniors Services – One idea is to have an agency supplying eldercare services. How often do we hear on the news another story of a person trying to take care of the children and of the elderly at the same time. This business will aim at alleviating the burden of this “sandwich generation” by supplying licensed eldercare servers which are hard to find otherwise. Another idea is to provide staffing consulting services for seniors for those who want to work throughout their retirement. Working retirees is a common thing in our society, and what could be a better job for them than a consultant! Years of experience they possess, the shortage of qualified talent amongst the younger – everything is in favour of this business.

Handyman is a hot choice. We live in the era of knowledge, and it is becoming harder to find a qualified handyman than ever before. Electricians, plumbers, renovators, jacks-of-all trades – these are the people who are sought after.

The opportunities are there! Take the first step by contacting ESC to find out how your business can be registered in no time and for only $50.00!


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