ESC introduces series of daily “@ the Ministry” tweets to keep you updated on manual filings

At ESC, we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to our customers. When it comes to manual document filings, ESC keeps you updated via its Twitter page on the current status at the Ministry so you can decide for youself when is the best time to have your documents filed without the long line-ups!

Follow us on Twitter to receive these daily notifications which will provide you with vital information about how long the lines are at the Ministry, how many clerks are servicing at the counter and when is the good time to have your documents filed! Our daily update is conveniently tweeted shortly after 11:00 a.m., which will afford you enough time to get your documents ready and receive a real-time Ministry update.

Or contact ESC for all your manual filings with the Ministry of Government Services, Canadian Securities Registration Systems, Consulates, Embassy’s and Bulk Sales Court Filings.

Common manual filings are as follows:

• Article filings
• Non-profit filings
• Corporate filings
• Business Name filings and registration
• Extra provincial registration
• Bulk Sales Act Filing
• Bank Act Filing

ESC attends at the following offices for filings:

Central Production and Verification Services Branch (CPVSB),
Ministry of Government Services (MGS) – 393 University Avenue
Daily: 10:30 am and 2:30 pm*

Superior Court of Justice – Bulk Sales Act Filings

Canadian Securities Registration Systems – Bank Act Filings

Authentication and Legalization of Documents – Contact us for further details.

Filings outside of Toronto are arranged through Agents of ESC and applicable fees apply – Contact us for further details.


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