PPSA+ Search

The PPSA+ Search is a real time nationwide PPSA searching and reporting tool that automatically summarizes, organizes and structures the data in an easy-to-read indexed format.

With PPSA+ you can submit your requests directly online and have your results and summary produced in minutes. Results at your fingertips!

ESC’s PPSA+ Search features:

  • High volume Ontario searches produced in an online format (overnight)
  • PPSA+ results are organized, readable and include an index of priority with cross reference to amendments, renewals, transfers and partial discharges together with relevant collateral or change information*
  • Exact and Similar matches to all enquiries in under 2 minutes
  • Emailed hyperlink html results of searches with original (Registry or Ministry) format
  • Preferences for production of report include: Email HTML, Word or PDF*
  • Reports may be manipulated to Firm specifications*
  • Real time access to all Provinces
  • Robust security and user administration for self service is required

ESC would like to help you eliminate time consuming efforts with the potential for transposition errors when copying search results from a variety of formats into one report. The PPSA+ Search allows for ‘at a glance’ overview of search results and helps you to spot essential search results quickly.

The PPSA+ Search will make summarizing easier in one report suitable to present to lawyers, colleagues and clients.

For further information please contact us at 1.800.668.8208 or searchandreg@eservicecorp.ca

* Available for Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia – March 2011.

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