ESC Corporate Services offers NUANS and Name Searches Services

NUANS and Name Searches Services

A NUANS ® report is a search completed and used to compare proposed corporate, business or trademark names with existing. To incorporate a business, a corporate name search report is required by the Federal and the Provincial governments. These reports list any similar or possibly confusing corporation names, business names and trademarks that already exist in the relevant databases. Most jurisdictions require a copy of the report to be submitted along with the Articles. In the case of a business name registration, a NUANS® report is not required however a pre-check is strongly recommended. A name search report expires after 90 days. Firms wishing to incorporate federally can benefit from ESC’s NUANS Real Time Service. Along with the confidence, convenience and assurance that come when dealing with ESC Corporate Services, our NUANS Real Time Service provides faster turnaround times than other service providers. Through ESC Corporate Services you can obtain corporate name search reports for all jurisdictions in Canada.

Our NUANS Name Search Services include:
Pre check
NUANS Report (w. precheck + recommendation)
NUANS – Realtime
Federal Name Decision
B.C. Name Reservation
Quebec Name Search without Reservation

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